Keeping cyber defences strong

Email Security

Over 80% of all cyber attacks are achieved through email. Therefore protecting your email system is of critical importance, as this is often a weak point.

Protect your email system

There are a number of areas to consider with regards to safeguarding your email system:
  • Enterprise-class email scanning and virus checking
  • Email backup and retention policy
  • Journaling of all emails
  • The impact of GDPR on emails across the business
  • Protecting company assets (lots of company details are stored in email inboxes)
  • Reporting 'suspicious emails' policies
6 target areas to keep cyber defences strong and the hackers at bay
The professional services that we provide include:
  • Email health check
  • Hardening of email system (meaning it will make it more difficult for your email to get hacked) 
  • Migration to cloud services such as Mimecast and Office 365
We want to give our customers peace of mind, knowing they can send confidential emails without the worry of their confidentiality being compromised. 
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