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Whether we are hosting, sponsoring, exhibiting, or attending, you'll find us at an array of industry events across the year. 

At T-Tech, we believe in actively engaging with the industry and staying at the forefront of the latest developments. Whether it's hosting, sponsoring, exhibiting, or simply attending, you'll find us actively participating in a diverse range of industry events throughout the year.

We understand the importance of networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering meaningful connections. That's why we make it a priority to be present at various events that bring together professionals and thought leaders from our field.

As hosts, we take pride in curating exceptional events that provide valuable insights, facilitate discussions, and promote collaboration among industry peers. 

AI Academy: Empowering Senior Accountants with AI Knowledge

8-week AI Mastery Programme

4 x 1.5 hour webinars + 4 x 30 min drop in sessions

We've found that the current available AI curriculum either doesn't take into account the different levels of experience accountants have using new technologies or it just provides a dictionary definition of AI terminology without any practical application.

What to expect:

  • Introduction to Copilot for M365 - getting to know your AI assistant
  • Productivity gains using Teams, M365 Chat, Data Analysing, Data Archiving, Loop and Teams Meetings
  • Analytical Gains using Outlook, Excel, Word and m365 chat
  • Changing work approach when using AI - Planner, Teams, Loop and creating an AI culture within your business (champion programme, tools such as Copilot Lab)
AI Academy

Paving the way to a secure digital world

Part A: 23rd September 10AM, Part B: 27th September 10AM, Teams

We are hosting a series of cyber security webinars with Andrew Robinson, a Police Officer from the City of London Police Cyber Crime Unit.   

What to expect:

This series is an interesting and real-life demonstration of how these various forms of cyber attacks work, and their potential impact. This is a series for everyone. Use the sessions to educate, and bring more awareness and vigilance to mind when it comes to proactively protecting your personal and business data.

  • Part A: Social Engineering, Phishing, and Account Security
  • Part B: Secure Connections, Malware, and AI
External Events Graphic Cyber Webinar24

MGI Global AGM Conference

Take your place at the forefront of accountancy & finance

23rd, 24th & 25th October 2024, Westin Excelsior, Rome

What to expect:

  • Networking with a Difference: Team networking, both indoors and outdoors
  • Exclusive Access: An exclusive private tour of the Vatican Museums
  • Inspiring Speakers and Optional Mindfulness Workshop
  • Enhanced Interactions: More participation and AI-driven translation service
  • Make an Impact: Contribute to MGI’s Forest through their Plant a Tree initiative
MGI AGM Conference

M&A Summit 2024: Empowering Accountancy for the Future

30th October 2024, Kings Cross, London

What to expect:

  • Current M&A Landscape Keynote Talk:
    Gain insights from industry experts on the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the M&A market. Understand the economic factors and market dynamics shaping today's M&A landscape to better position your firm for success.
  • Getting Your Practice Ready for Sale:
    Discover essential steps to prepare your practice for a successful sale. Learn how to enhance your firm's value, optimise financial performance, and position your practice attractively to potential buyers. Understand the critical factors that buyers look for and how to address them effectively.
  • Successful People & Tech Integration:
    Explore strategies for seamless people integration to ensure cultural alignment, retain top talent, and foster a collaborative environment. Understand the importance of leadership, communication, and change management in achieving a successful merger. Learn how to effectively integrate technology post-merger to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive value creation. Discover best practices and innovative solutions to overcome common tech integration hurdles.
DAS M&A Summit

Accounting Reimagined: Leveraging AI & Microsoft Copilot

08:30-13:00, 20th November 2024, Microsoft, Paddington

You're invited to join our upcoming accountancy leaders roundtable to learn about the exciting world of AI.

What to expect:

  • Valuable insights into the evolving landscape of accountancy and how embracing AI can accelerate growth
  • Dive into the realm of AI with Microsoft experts, as we prepare to harness the power of AI and Copilot
  • Experience first hand the cutting-edge Practice Gateway and explore its latest AI-infused features
AI Roundtable 2024

Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on upcoming events. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing insights, ideas, and experiences at the industry events we are a part of throughout the year.