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Transform Your Accountancy Practice with Microsoft Copilot - Your Gateway to Next-Level Efficiency

  • Inquisitive AI:
    Copilot becomes your virtual assistant, allowing you to ask questions, conduct research, and receive real-time, data-driven insights. Imagine returning from a holiday or a day of endless meetings and your "copilot" can summarise what you've missed in seconds?

  • Speed Up the Creation Process:
    Using tool like Copilot can get you started on a piece of work, drafting a report, email, job description, brief for a project, business plan? Use the tool to lay out the foundations and then you can spend the time editing and reviewing the work. 

Copilot stats

Survey questions: Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements. Using Copilot...; To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your experience using Copilot in Word/Outlook/Microsoft 365 Chat specifically? Using Copilot

  • Effortless Analytics:
    Microsoft Copilot redefines your reporting processes, bringing speed and precision to financial statements and client-specific reports. Easily generate insightful analyses, allowing you to focus on delivering strategic insights that drive your practice forward.
    Microsoft conducted a survey where participants were asked where generative AI could have a positive impact on job performance across all six functions. In finance, participants cited simplifying financial reporting (73%) and validating data quality (72%).
  • Note and Action Capture:
    Late to a meeting or missed it all together? Copilot can get you up to speed, providing headlines and highlights, capturing notes and actions. Join meetings with a digestible breakdown of what you've been missing or catch up and discover a list of actions as well. 

    Imagine preparing for a client meeting and asking Copilot to surface the latest documents and meeting updates. Hours of searching and reading condensed into minutes of concise notes.

    Initial findings from the Word Trend Index 2023 found that Copilot’s earliest users were reporting being nearing 30% faster overall at tasks such as searching, writing, and summarising.

Are You Grasping the AI Opportunity?

AI, including Chat GPT and Microsoft’s Copilot, are emerging as transformative forces for accountancy practices. In fact, in our recent survey, 96.8% of UK IT leaders within accountancy see AI as essential to their future operations. 

Downloading our report, you will discover:

  • The opportunity for AI
  • The challenges facing accountancy firms 
  • Real world examples of generative AI for accountants

Don’t fall behind, download the report today.



AI Report

Ready to Revolutionise Your Practice?

Embarking on the AI & Microsoft Copilot journey requires preparation. Make sure the following are in place before starting:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Security protocols & procedures
  • Dedicated AI-readiness assessment
  • Team alignment and training plan

However, adding AI and Microsoft Copilot to your firm doesn't need to be a nightmare.  With the right IT provider that understands your needs, this can be a seamless experience.

We specialise in expertly implementing Microsoft Copilot, AI, and automation into accountancy practices. Our in-depth knowledge and experience as an accountancy specialist is what sets us apart and allows our clients to see excellent results after migrating to new technology and powerful tools.

The practices we partner with trust us to bring precision, robust security features, and seamless services tailored to the unique needs of your practice.

What Our Clients Think Of Us...

"Our staff realised we’re really serious about tech and innovation... It created an energy around the business."

Scrutton Bland

Jason Fayers, Managing Partner

“Unless your job in the firm is IT then you cannot physically do it. It is so complicated, so fast moving, and quick changing that you can’t keep up. You then have no choice but to use a Managed Service Provider. An MSP needs to be people you respect, who you get on with, as it is a personal relationship. It needs to be with people who understand your business and your business needs – we have this with T-Tech.”


Chris Cairns, Partner

"Working with them (T-Tech & Practice Gateway) has been great, in particular the collaborative nature of the relationship."

Evelyn Partners

David Rogers, Head of Tax Compliance

Start Your AI Readiness Assessment

By filling out your details, you can book in your AI Readiness Assessment or if you need more information, let our team know and we can see how we can assist you further. 

  • You'll get access to qualified Microsoft Copilot AI experts who can explore your opportunities
  • You'll receive a full report on what your practice needs for a smooth transition into the future of accounting
  • You'll save thousands in lost time and security from preventable disasters and common roadblocks

If you want to transform your practice and invest into the future of accounting, start your journey today and speak to our specialists.