The challenges surrounding data

Accountancy firms hold a lot of data, and they all suffer with the same issues:
  • Bad quality data that is hard to reach
  • Systems are not integrated so data is duplicated and messy
  • No single location for everything, e.g. where do you go for a list of customers
  • Different systems with different sets of clients, making it hard to run reports
  • Older accountancy applications are old, not web-based, and don’t integrate with newer systems
  • Data is locked in certain places which creates restrictions and limits access
  • Senior stakeholders are not happy to look at Excel, their expectations have gone up. They want more sophisticated technology to interact with clients

What accountants want

  • Integrated systems when looking to update data, and that it is consistent in multiple places
  • An easy way to report on data
  • Easy access across the board
  • Automated data integration
  • Rapid insights
  • Accurate and up-to-date client records
Data Management

A clean and quality solution

T-Tech has created a health check solution that ensures data quality is of the highest standard and is preserved, complete in a three-step process:
  1. Data cleansing: we will run a traffic light report on the quality of a firm’s data across all systems
  2. Systems integration: using smart tools, we have the ability to pull data from multiple places and suggest an effective way to integrate the sprawled data. As part of the integration process, this will fix the data quality such as correcting or deleting inaccurate records, managing duplicates and fixing incomplete data.
  3. Presentation: a single reporting system will make data presentation easy, with everything accessible from all points and people.
Data Management

Benefits for both client and accountant

  • Data will be consistent: if a customer changes their address in Practice Gateway, staff don’t need to make changes anywhere else. The data will auto-update around all the different systems and update the address.
  • Integration with Power BI: this will give the customer information about themselves, i.e. financial information, or progress on investments saving staff a lot of time gathering the data.
Data Management

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