Collaborate and file natively without switching applications

Defining the problem

The most complimentary things we hear accountants say about their practice’s Document Management system are: “It's all right” & “It does the job.”
Many practices describe document management as among their most pressing problems:
  • Consumes a significant amount of time filing and retrieving documents
  • Presents a GDPR nightmare, along with governance and security concerns
  • Application switching throughout a user's workflow, with a lack of clarity as to what needs to be filed and where it ought to go
  • Lack of out of the box user experience
  • Traditional practices still have a series of file servers, with a complicated historic folder structure to match.

One location

Modern solutions built within Microsoft 365 have solved the recurring issues for accountants, whilst simultaneously enabling advances in functionality and workflow efficiency. 
Microsoft 365 is the easy-to-use place for information management and client engagement:
  • Email and document management: SharePoint, Outlook
  • Document collaboration: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Client engagement and management: Teams, Dynamics 365
The solution provides a joined-up view of all activities that collaborating teams can rely on as the definitive view of the status of each client account. 

Building the ideal accounting experience in Teams

Empowering users to:
  • Manage engagements using Teams with the same look and feel
  • Easily search for clients, data, or documents
  • Easily access and edit documents from system of record
  • Automate common actions and tasks 
  • See a 360 degree view within Teams and the Office 365 interface
  • Automatically archive content within Teams

Partnering with industry experts 

We partner with industry specialists Intapp, who have built out-of-the-box capabilities to solve the problem. This allows for: 
  • Content management and sharing
  • Internal and external collaboration
  • Seamless application integration
  • Video calls and messaging
  • Mobile working experience
  • An engagement centric experience
  • Information governance

Have you come to accept your document management tool, rather than truly gain value from it? Speak to us today to get the full potential out of your DMS.

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