Reduce manual processes

Imagine being able to programme a virtual worker to do your daily tasks. Whatever you do with a screen, mouse, and keyboard, you can generate a robot to do this for you.
Robotics Process Automation removes the repetitive high volume work from your business – the stuff that makes your people bored and doesn’t generate any profit. It allows for project turnaround to happy far more quickly, ultimately pleasing your customer.
Take an accountancy firm for example, accounts to do a ton of repetitive work, such as copying things from one application to another, which takes up a lot of time and resources. They have exactly the same process at each stage of mapping for each customer, so it’s very easy to map out those set of rules and apply them across the board for everyone.
These are all things that can be automated. 
All the elements to your business can run by a virtual process, whether that be a practices’ portals, payroll, bookkeeping, or auditing.
Things that would take a whole team of people over a month’s period, can be automated to be done in a day – a single virtual worker can take on the work of between 3-15 human workers.  
But the point isn’t to put your people out of work, it’s to transform your business, so that eventually you can solely focus on the human elements of your work and maximise your efficiency.
Human beings shouldn’t be doing that kind of basic work; we are smart and should be interacting with people. Getting to a place where you can analyse the work being done by a machine and find areas for improvement, will move your business into the future.

The Virtual Workforce

Imagine being able to programme a virtual worker to do your daily tasks. Whatever you do with a screen, mouse, and keyboard, you can generate a robot to do this for you. Well we can help this become a reality for your business.
This intelligence automation platform (not to be confused with artificial intelligence) focuses on the inefficiency of human knowledge workers and replicates the way you work and the decisions you make, using robots and digital work flows.
This extraordinary software operates as a virtual machine built in Azure and are “taught” work processes by customers or partners using a web-based, no-code, drag and drop designer interface.
More specifically, we call these robots ‘Virtual Workers’: a runtime resource that can execute any number of processes from its knowledge pool. Once taught, a Virtual Worker simulates the actions of a human worker by interacting with business applications as a human would, without any changes to those applications.
It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with zero human error and across all business areas. Ultimately, the virtual workforce is self-managing, flexible, scalable and fully dynamic. Virtual Workers use artificial intelligence to manage unstructured or ambiguous data, natural language interaction, and to learn from the work they do.

The Process 

Partnering with an expert AI third party, we are setting the standard for quick deployment of robust, scalable, and cost-efficient virtual workforces. We take the pains out of integrating, delivering unparalleled results on any application or process.
On-boarding would follow the process of:
  1. Introduce your firm to the virtual workforce and understand how it can add value
  2. Consultant-led workshop mapping out the process selection
  3. Business case for establishing efforts and cost
  4. Detailed process walkthrough validating viability and intricacies
  5. Implementation of initial process and educating staff
  6. Creation of strategic roadmap for ongoing use and future developments

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