AABRS are specialist insolvency practitioners based in London, providing a wide range of services and advice to small businesses and individuals, who are facing financial difficulties.


AABRS were looking for a highly available solution to improve their infrastructure. Their existing server caused frustrations such as:

  • Untidy onsite server for emails, print server, active directory
  • Server hosted applications 
  • Email inboxes were full
  • Emails were duplicated and not being filed away properly
  • Experiencing too much server downtime

Overall, although it was workable, it was a cluttered system that needed a modern refresh.


T-Tech proposed moving to the cloud and introducing a Mimecast solution, to reduce downtime and free up space specifically for emails. Moving to the Cloud would mean physically freeing up office space, by removing the server cabinet, and the Mimecast solution would tidy up the email problem.

Combining the Azure cloud and email projects would result in high availability, and reduced risk of losing email access, ultimately saving them money. By onboarding a Cloud solution, costs are cut in having to upgrade servers and continue their maintenance, in the future.


Moving to a brand-new infrastructure, there were always going to be a few minor technical issues, but overall, the project was a success. AABRS are now successfully using Azure and Office365, meaning they are no longer reliant on an old server, and now have a more secure infrastructure with high availability.

With the Mimecast solution, all emails are now filed and stored in there, so there is no risk of losing old emails, or problems with storage.

For AABRS, these solutions now ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations, whilst also saving money in the long term. Having a reliable infrastructure means they can work more efficiently, with the additional features of Azure and Office365, ultimately increasing business productivity.

Also, moving to the cloud gave AABRS an opportunity to be a leader amongst peers in a niche field, in terms of running with the latest technology.

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