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Practice Automation

T-Tech are always looking for ways to improve and add value to our clients. This year we have been doing a lot of work with our Accountancy sector clients to ensure they have their best foot forward, therefore the next focus is on Practice Automation.

Practice automation is about lifting some of the administrative burden that all business’s have. Those rather mundane, zero value tasks that need to be completed in order to deliver the real work

Case study

"Adopting a virtual workforce has not only improved our business efficiency, it has provided on demand support indefinitely..."

As we move into what is commonly dubbed as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, businesses are evolving at increasing speed. Clients are expecting more and more from their service providers, making technological flexibility and work-place productivity paramount in staying on top of demand and ensuring all resources, not just billable ones, are making an impact.

By facilitating a working environment that is not only productive and client-centric, but is reinforced by a platform that supports growth and innovation, the Virtual Workforce is helping companies to achieve just this and we want to work with the accountancy sector to make this a reality rather than a vision.

What is the Virtual Workforce?

Underpinned by the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Software Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, the Virtual Workforce emulates the actions of human workers within any system or application, providing infinite improvement to productivity and service.

Unlike a human worker, Virtual Workers provide an on-demand, scalable pool of labour that can be deployed across any service line/business function. In doing so, they only require one round of training and are guaranteed to always follow best practice. Partners can be safe in the assurance that their manual processes will always be executed on-time and flawlessly, while the people on the floor can turn their focus to innovative and value-adding tasks.

How it works?

Rather than requiring a total technological overhaul, the Virtual Workforce slots in alongside your existing systems non-disruptively, utilising any existing application or interface. Crucially, this also means that it can work alongside any future functions you might chose to adopt, ensuring your business has a framework that can support growth.

Additionally, a cloud-based platform is infinitely scalable – both up and down. By leveraging the “as a service” model, the Virtual Workforce emulates a “pay as you go” workforce that can be deployed to meet demand as it fluctuates.

Why T-Tech and The Virtual Workforce?

T-Tech have partnered with Thoughtonomy who are leading the way with this technology. We are leveraging our expertise in Microsoft Cloud services and the accountancy sector know-how to bring this offering to practices who want to power their most expensive resource to do the work that makes an impact.

The Virtual Workforce comes armed with a cognitive edge. This means that it will constantly evolve to leverage the latest enterprise capabilities, therefore your practice will always be up-to-date with the types of knowledge work that can be undertaken.

What is more is that this effective “future proofing” comes free from hassle. The latest Evolution Edition has enabled the Virtual Workforce to evolve intuitively, requiring no programming or coding from your end.

By providing an environment that fosters growth and enables companies to make a step change in productivity, the Virtual Workforce ensures companies sit on a foundation that can accommodate change and a workforce that can adjust to meet demand.

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