Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB), the tech-enabled business critical services group has exciting plans of building a £50m+ revenue group by 2025. A key strategy to deliver this objective is focused on tech and digital, an area AAB were keen to discuss with T-Tech.
T-Tech met with AAB to execute an audit across all their IT environment and systems with the aim of identifying areas which currently work well, where improvements could be made and how AAB could effectively use tech in the drive towards achieving their objectives.

Initial challenges

T-Tech conducted an entire maturity audit across each department within the business to discover their pain points. They met with partners and department heads to get a feel of how mature the business is, from having the foundations in place, to automating certain processes and imbedding best of breed tools. 
The audit identified that there are a lot of things that AAB are doing well, including the transition to WFH, which has since transitioned again to working from anywhere ‘WFA.’ They also use Teams and other integrated applications to enhance collaboration, communication, and delivery for both their clients and staff effectively.
However, the diverse nature of the business means there are multiple platforms, applications and processes used across the various business units. The business is also growing and is exceptionally ambitious which creates a fast-paced environment. They needed their approach and delivery across all areas of tech to reflect this.


Following the review, and with an appetite to change and make improved decisions, AAB were keen to establish a strategic partnership with T-Tech to assist them in discovering, creating, and implementing innovative technology solutions to help revolutionise how the firm operates. The aim was to deliver a strategy for long-term sustainable growth.
AAB recognised that outsourcing areas of the business, gains access to experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in their field. AAB also deliver outsourced services to their clients, in areas such as payroll, tax and virtual finance, so they understand that this model works.


T-Tech have now become an extension of the AAB team.
AAB were keen to adopt a maturity model, and the two businesses came together to agree a future-proofing plan to get their maturity journey on the road.
AAB rightly recognise that effective IT systems are critical to business success and want to build the mindset that tech should be at the forefront of everything they do, so this is just the beginning of an exciting, effective, and collaborative partnership.
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