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Our client, BKL, is a Top 50 UK firm of accountants, tax specialists and auditors with two offices, nearly 200 staff and a growing client base.

  • In common with other accountancy practices, BKL’s clients are required to sign and return a letter of engagement (LOE) before any work can take place, followed by further signed LOEs at regular intervals.
  • BKL was keen to make its client take-on process as efficient as possible for staff and clients alike, to ensure that its new client relationships are built on a very positive first experience.


  • A project was commissioned with T-Tech to automate the sales and engagement process with client care in mind.
  • The implementation of a CRM and digital signing system helped to achieve this, giving BKL’s staff the ability to track and manage clients and contacts.


  • LOEs are now being ‘e-signed’ and returned quickly, marking a drastic reduction in their turnaround time.
  • The move away from paper LOEs has meant a similar reduction in printing, postage and scanning, bringing welcome savings of time and money.
  • Improved compliance
  • Automatic chasing of unsigned LOEs
  • Freedom for clients to read and sign their LOEs while away from their offices.
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