How using a virtual workforce has a strong business case and the relative ease to make it a reality.


  • Our partner Thoughtonomy worked with a customer who had a number of processes where manual intervention was required by human employees holding together a number of workarounds within payment processing, allocations and reconciliations across the business.
  • Moving and manipulating large volumes of files and data manually presented significant delays and a cumbersome compliance process.
  • An intelligent automation solution was sought to mitigate potential compliance risks, reduce the volume of manual processing, and achieve business driven change.


  • Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® - Intelligent Automation (IA) solution was presented and demonstrated the capability to automate the current manual processes to significantly improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of errors in the business (adding positive impact on the customer journey) and ensure full SOX and Audit Compliance, all whilst ensuring significant productivity savings and a return on investment within 12-18 months.


  • An improvement in our compliance readiness & status.
  • Overall improvement on quality control.
  • Staff spending more time on delivery Customer satisfaction. 
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Lauren Parker-Mitchell

Lauren has been with T-Tech for over 4 years and brings with her experience from a variety of backgrounds, from small start-ups...



"More of our colleagues’ time will be freed up to focus on other critical business needs such as data cleansing and addressing anomalies and exceptions"

Team Leader, CCM