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Bletchley Park, once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, is now a vibrant heritage attraction. Bletchley Park is open to the public, and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.


Before Bletchley Park started working with T-Tech, they decided to review their business situation against their IT, and realised that additional investment was needed. Business situation:
  • Going for 25+ years
  • Experiencing significant growth. The current systems and processes needed reviewing in line with the growth and requirements of the business
  • Technology had not been a focus
  • Teams using different tech for different things
  • Integration not working or considered
  • Recognised specific support was needed to take things forward
  • Struggling to find combined IT and project management resource


T-Tech were introduced to Bletchley Park via a partner, and met with key stakeholders to understand the business. T-Tech assessed IT requirements from this and concluded that the first step was to conduct an IT review and strategy.
  • Onsite technical review of infrastructure and assets
  • Remote assessment of some key applications to see how they were being used
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and department heads to understand how each area was working, what technology they were using, how they utilised it, and what difficulties or obstacles they suffered
  • Review of the “5 year and beyond” business plan to understand where Bletchley Park Trust were going strategically
This review found many opportunities whilst recognising the challenges, which led to the development of their 3-year plan, with future-proofed technology, an asset list, and recommendations to bring in-house the ownership of certain assets and infrastructure. Budgets were laid out so spending could be controlled and projected, and charitable benefits were reviewed and planned into the budgets and strategy.


The main outcome was the requirement for a dedicated resource to keep focus and momentum on the strategy, which led to T-Tech becoming a strategic partner, and taking up a Virtual IT Director role within the business. This has led to a variety of projects and company-wide improvements, including a new website, CRM development, and IT Support Services. Departmental projects were reviewed and aligned with other departments where appropriate, priorities were identified so a focused approach could be achieved, and refined IT systems led to improved operations, with positive financial outcomes negating the cost of their IT investments. 
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Daniel Teacher

Daniel is the Managing Director at T-Tech. He oversees and manages sales within the business. Daniel is also hands-on with T-Tech’s clients...



"Our interaction with T-Tech goes further than IT support – their consultancy led approach has delivered us gains across the business and revenue to the bottom line. We have a clear 3 year IT plan and strategy, which helps us deliver significant business benefits on a regular basis. T-Tech have helped us improve our IT resilience and helped identify ways for our team to work more efficiently."

Director of Support Services, Bletchley Park