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Base Soccer are an agency for professional footballers dedicated to the ongoing development and management of their client’s careers. Although based in London, Base Soccer have consultants all over the world, and one of their key objectives is to help their clients maximize their earning potential.


With the increasing risk of security breaches across businesses worldwide, Base Soccer wanted to take extra precaution and review their security position. A test to their systems would recognize areas for improvement (if a breach were to happen) and allow them to add extra layers of security where necessary.


T-Tech recommended that they carry out a security audit, with the goal of becoming Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. This certification is a UK government security standard that helps organizations to take a proactive approach to prevent or mitigate the vast majority of cyber-attacks.

At the start of the project, T-Tech provided Base Soccer with a set of recommendations:

  • Carry out a security audit to source out any vulnerabilities
  • Attempt to hack their system by carrying out a penetration test from an external party
  • GDPR audit via Windows 8 and 10 assessments
  • Gaining the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification by confirming an outside penetration test, scan of the networks to seek out the issues, and carrying out a security questionnaire to users

Considering all these things, T-Tech implemented an internal assessment for the audit, which consisted of 4 different aspects:

  • Physical assessment of client infrastructure
  • OS/AD infrastructure review
  • Network review
  • Patch/AV management

The internal audit revealed some common vulnerabilities in the key assessment areas. T-Tech quickly and efficiently remediated these issues by hardening the client internal OS infrastructure and deploying all required patches, prior to the external audit. At no point did this have any effect on end users.

Following this, T-Tech introduced a third-party security partner who carried out the external audit. This included an external penetration test of Base Soccer’s perimeter and all public facing hosts. Fortunately, the third-party were unable to pass through Base Soccer’s security boundary, and they were rewarded with the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


With little to no problems, T-Tech delivered the project successfully, within time and budget, and Base Soccer are now successfully certified.

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Ademola Odupitan

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One of our recent projects with T-Tech was a security review; they carried this out for us on time and within budget, and we are now successfully Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. T-Tech's proficient and professional approach meant that the whole process was carried out very smoothly, and we are really pleased with the result.

Operations Director, Base Soccer