Barnes Roffe is one of the UK’s leading London based accountancy firms, providing progressive intelligent solutions to owner managed businesses, large corporations and public sector not for profit organisations.


Barnes Roffe were becoming increasingly aware of the ongoing challenges they were having with collaboration and communication across the business. These consisted of
  • Pains with efficient working practices
  • Collaboration between staff and customers hampered by uncertainty as to which method of communication to use
  • Individuals using their own preferred tools
  • Exposure to security and regulatory threats
  • Not maximising return on existing software investments
  • Little uptake of the customer portal from both clients and staff
Recognising the market is shifting, and innovation in the service of customer expectations is critical, we concluded a collaboration strategy review for Barnes Roffe would help to resolve these challenges. 


Our expert consultants created a collaboration strategy that would outline:
  • Core collaboration working practices
  • Recommendations to simplify, rationalize, and apply these practices
  • Define the optimal applications to underpin collaboration
  • Create a roadmap for process adoption


After conducting workshops with staff members across the practice to understand the issues and impact, T-Tech documented the problems, frustrations, and major bottlenecks to productivity. We then provided a thorough framework to address the common inefficiencies within the business, a core collaboration process was identified: 
  • Recommendations were made and actioned, resulting in reduced duplication and cost, enhanced security, and standardised communications channels 
  • A roadmap was established to prioritise cultural, financial, process, people and technology landscape 
Ultimately, outlining the key areas for improvement meant Barnes Roffe could realign themselves with their long-term strategy.  
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