As an established independent accountancy practice, operating for almost nine decades, Bright Grahame Murray (BGM) is always at the forefront when it comes to growth, quality, and modernisation. Dedicated to providing a professional and personalised service, BGM exhibits an undivided focus on ensuring consistent positive experiences across its team and clients.


The Goal

As BGM grew, they decided the practice would have to review its needs and vision for continued success. This review included their existing IT and technology strategy. As a result, BGM decided to look for an IT provider that specialised in accountancy practices and understood their needs at a deeper level. Another conclusion was the desire to reinvest into its cloud based solutions as part of the modernisation journey. BGM needed an appropriate IT partner with suitable expertise in accounting software together with the necessary support infrastructure to achieve this.


The Solution

T-Tech presented BGM with a bespoke plan to stay up to date with the latest technology trends and receive full support from our dedicated team of engineers. T-Tech initiated the onboarding process for support services, to enable the engineers to start resolving any issues right away. T-Tech began working on the modernisation and security areas of the practice. The recommended activities included: a migration over to Azure cloud-based server, adding Mimecast, a security service, and implementing Backupify, a cloud data backup solution. Azure, Mimecast, and Backupify proved to be great solutions for BGM because they continued to allow their team to work from any location at any time whilst ensuring their data is better protected.

During service take on, some legacy hardware and software were discovered and it was noted that these would be entering the end-of-life cycle soon. Ultimately the decision was made to go with a device refresh together with appropriate software upgrades. Before any upgrade, the needs of BGM employees were audited and then allocated the appropriate specifications to their role. Doing this ensured the practice didn’t overspend but ensured each member of the team had the technology they needed.


The Outcome

T-Tech worked closely with BGM to ensure a smooth transition from the incumbent to our full IT support stack. They were assigned a Project Manager, Chris, who managed the transition of the service take on and Azure migration smoothly. Chris provided them with consistent updates throughout, ensuring communication at every step.

The implementation of our solutions and device refresh were executed to the highest standards and the effects were felt instantly.



“Thank you to the T-Tech team for organising such a smooth transition to the new servers over the weekend. Everything is performing well and at a high speed, with the staff only having positive comments to make.

There have been very few teething issues which is quite remarkable and your engineer who attended our office on Monday was very good.”- Robert Moore, Managing Partner

Managing Partner, Grunberg & Co

“Communication is great. When a DR event occurred, the confidence from senior-level engineers and team leaders to resolve the issue was very reassuring. The reaction from T-Tech was great and they had all hands on deck.”

Tax Partner, Grunberg & Co

“We don’t hear any noise from our staff about support tickets not being addressed. The Service Desk engineers are attentive and solve any urgent issues we have in a timely manner.”

Senior Partner, Grunberg & Co

“I really don’t have many issues, and when I do need help, the team are really responsive. You guys are brilliant.”

Senior Account Manager, T-Tech

“We are excited about the future of our relationship with Grunberg & Co. Their enthusiasm toward growing with technology makes our partnership strong and aligned.”

IT Manager, Software Radio Technology

"T-Tech understand our business requirements and provide us with consultancy and strategy input that contribute to customer retention and business growth. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through projects ensuring that technology is aligned to business objectives."

Senior Partner, Solomon Taylor & Shaw

"Like many companies we were unsure about a move to the cloud. But all we have noticed since the move is how much more efficient the business is. There was no disruption during our working hours and we have increased our billable working time due to the decrease in technology downtime."

Senior Partner, Solomon Taylor & Shaw

"Like many companies we were unsure about a move to the cloud. But all we have noticed since the move is how much more efficient the business is. There was no disruption during our working hours and we have increased our billable working time due to the decrease in technology downtime."

Managing Partner, BKL

"We are impressed by the professionalism of T-Tech. They are able to understand our business requirements and provide solutions which contribute to keeping the company efficient and competitive. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through complex projects and all the skills are available to make any system or process transition smooth."

Partner, Raffingers

“We were apprehensive to embark on such a large project to move all our servers to Azure, but we had no issues due to the extensive planning and great support we had from the T-Tech team. We now have the benefit of truly being able to work from any device with no risk to our servers as they are not on site. Our security has now improved, and the systems are a lot more stable which is needed with over 100 users working from all over the world.”

Managing Partner, Family Law Group

“Before T-Tech, we were having issues with IT on a daily basis. In a quick time period, T-Tech turned things around. Within a matter of months, the firm’s IT changed from being a source of daily complaint and frustration to no longer being the first item for discussion at the monthly management meetings. The improvement to the firm’s day to day IT functioning has not only been remarkable, but in fact has enabled the firm to adapt to change at a far quicker pace than had previously been the case.”

Director of Tax Technology, Evelyn Partners

The responsiveness of T-Tech has been paramount to us getting particular components added to Practice Gateway at our firm. What we have needed most in development terms is always listened to.

Managing Partner, Scrutton Bland

“Scrutton Bland has achieved a lot in the last 6 months, compared to the last three years. We chose T-Tech to do a practice review with the intention to deliver on a number of projects, due to their industry expertise and where they sit in the marketplace. Our previous IT team did not have relevant sector experience leading to the consideration of solutions that weren’t relevant to our sector. We needed to look to restore faith in our IT leadership. T-Tech came to us with recommendations and improvements on trusted solutions that have worked for other professional services firms. We are really pleased with the decision to work with T-Tech, and they have already delivered on major projects in a way that suits our practice.”

Partner, Alliotts LLP

“Unless your job in the firm is IT then you cannot physically do it. It is so complicated, so fast moving, and quick changing that you can’t keep up. You then have no choice but to use a Managed Service Provider. An MSP needs to be people you respect, who you get on with, as it is a personal relationship. It needs to be with people who understand your business and your business needs – we have this with T-Tech.”

Director of Support Services, Bletchley Park

"Our interaction with T-Tech goes further than IT support – their consultancy led approach has delivered us gains across the business and revenue to the bottom line. We have a clear 3 year IT plan and strategy, which helps us deliver significant business benefits on a regular basis. T-Tech have helped us improve our IT resilience and helped identify ways for our team to work more efficiently."

IT Manager, Searchlight

“T-Tech have provided a fantastic service and are very efficient.”

IT Partner, Saffery Champness

“We’ve achieved exactly what we wanted to, which was to allow T-Tech to run the IT Service Desk service so that we can focus on the business. It has given us a lot of time back and allowed the staff who moved to T-Tech to have a new lease of life in their careers. A lot of our challenges around recruitment and retention have also gone! It’s good to know we’re in safe hands.”

Team Leader, CCM

"More of our colleagues’ time will be freed up to focus on other critical business needs such as data cleansing and addressing anomalies and exceptions"