Setting the standard

Bletchley Park, once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, is now a vibrant heritage attraction, open daily to visitors.


Tying in with their recent security project and long-term IT strategy, Bletchley Park were using Google Mail, and became conscious of protecting all their data in Google Mail and making sure it was fully backed-up. They required a lasting back-up solution that would ensure protection, restoration, and compliance for their data.


After an assessment from the T-Tech technical consultancy team, they concluded that Bletchley Park required a cloud to cloud Gsuite and Gmail backup solution. This solution needed to be ISO27001 compliant and price point effective.

Using Gartner Visionary, which offers research of competitor solutions, T-Tech chose Backupify as their partner, which would provide item level backups with unlimited storage, and that could do multiple daily backups. This SaaS back-up ensured that T-Tech could recover data if they needed to, with little to no impact to Bletchley Park.

The integration ran smoothly, with no effect to the daily running of systems at Bletchley Park.


Considering the solution had no immediate effect on Bletchley Park, they were very pleased with how the integration went, as it was deployed on time and within budget. Hopefully Bletchley Park will not need to use Backupify for remediation or restoration purposes, but from the proof of concept and implementation testing, the solution runs multiple daily back-ups, giving them unlimited storage and retention.  

James Broxton

James has been working in IT for 8 years, and has experience in Infrastructure, Networking and Cloud computing. He especially enjoys doing...