Express Vending are a leading vending machine supplier of high quality coffee machines and vending services within London and the UK. They operate vending machines across more than 4000 sites in London, and pride themselves on delivering high standards and meeting a wide variety of different businesses needs.


Many businesses depend heavily on their IT systems to run efficiently and securely. Express Vending became aware that they needed an infrastructure review to see if they could refresh some of their systems to run more efficiently.


Our technical consultancy team carried out an infrastructure review for Express, concluding that their onsite servers should be decommissioned, and moved to Azure. Moving to the cloud would give them increased up-time of their business-critical applications, and better value on their spending, because reducing servers on site by half would reduce running costs and save physical space in their office.

To deliver the Azure migration, our experts ran a project that consisted of

  • An Active Directory clean-up
  • Pulse multi-factor authentication
  • Network segregation
  • Migrating to Azure
  • Decommissioning of old and legacy servers
  • Maintenance and patching
  • Communications and project management

This was all carried out without any impact to end users.


The project was a success and Express are now using Azure, keeping them at the forefront of technological advancements.

As technology develops the Azure service will enable Express Vending continued access to the latest technologies and innovations.

Coupled with T-Tech’s alliance with Microsoft and in-house skills, Express Vending have every opportunity to lead their market with the services they provide.  

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