Microsoft Azure migration

Jane Capel, Director of J C Accounting:

"With all of the recent updates surrounding data security and the need in particular for our company to be compliant with upcoming changes in regulations, it was clear that we needed to find an IT solution that met our own needs in terms of company growth, along with being robust enough to cope with these impending changes.

"After speaking to T-Tech, we chose to move to Microsoft Azure as their recommendation for a secure environment that suited our needs. They spoke to us about our current solution, taking time to understand the structure of the business and the various software and online services we used.

"From this, the desktop environment was built allowing us to have all of our services and documents moved over to the remote environment. The data was securely backed up, and being in the cloud has given us access to our documents from any device, anywhere. 

"Being an outsourced accountancy provider, we find that this has increased our flexibility in being able to work from home or client sites, with no loss of data between team members. This, along with the user level protocols within the environment has given us the added level of security that enables us to assure our clients of the integrity of their data at all times."

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Daniel Teacher

Daniel is the Managing Director at T-Tech. He oversees and manages sales within the business. Daniel is also hands-on with T-Tech’s clients...



"T-Tech understand our business requirements and provide us with consultancy and strategy input that contribute to customer retention and business growth. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through projects ensuring that technology is aligned to business objectives."

IT Manager, Software Radio Technology

"Like many companies we were unsure about a move to the cloud. But all we have noticed since the move is how much more efficient the business is. There was no disruption during our working hours and we have increased our billable working time due to the decrease in technology downtime."

Senior Partner, Solomon Taylor & Shaw

"We are impressed by the professionalism of T-Tech. They are able to understand our business requirements and provide solutions which contribute to keeping the company efficient and competitive. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through complex projects and all the skills are available to make any system or process transition smooth."

Managing Partner, BKL