A lot of businesses face the same, ongoing problem of having multiple systems that aren’t integrated or connected with each other. At T-Tech, we recognised we were facing this challenge with conference calling and therefore looked to find a complete solution that once and for all resolved this problem.
Most people have the same frustrating experience with conference calling: 
  • Bad quality video/microphone
  • Multiple pins entering a call, slowing down the beginning of meetings
  • Screen sharing delays
  • Sending documents in advance of a meeting on different applications, i.e over email or accessing on a shared drive
  • People dropping off or losing connection
  • Collaborating with different online web meeting applications


After actively using all of our applications within Teams, i.e. accessing documents on SharePoint, creating PowerPoints and Word documents, and scheduling meetings, having our conference calling solution here too only made sense. 
Within Outlook, we integrated the ‘Teams meeting’ button – a very easy thing to set up which would result in the option for Teams conference calling right at our fingertips.
Using this one tool within Teams allows for everything to be centrally controlled, taking away all of the pains above. There is additional functionality too, options for:
  • Voice transcription
  • Meeting recording
  • Other members can take control
  • Organiser can control people in the meeting, i.e. mute options
  • Security features, such as a lobby that only allows for specific people at a certain time


  • Using Teams conference calling has simplified our team and client meetings
  • People can arrange meetings or conference call sessions by themselves, without the need for IT help.
  • There is no aggravation at the start of a meeting, waiting for people to enter their pins
  • Just one button into the meeting, makes it a lot easier
  • Meetings start a lot quicker
  • No monthly recurring costs on a web application, disparate from the rest of our systems.
  • Best of all, if you are using Office 365, there is no extra cost! You have one license per user, and this feature is included in that fixed fee.