Grunberg & Co was created in 1990 and has grown rapidly to become an award-winning, established accountancy firm. This growth has been solely through recommendations and we are now one of the leading practices for owner managed businesses in North London.

Initial challenges

T-Tech and Grunberg & Co initially met to discuss practice automation and application integration, until it was discovered that they needed to backtrack and focus on their IT foundations before they started their automation journey.
Technology at the firm was relatively stable, but they were seeking a one-stop-shop IT provider. At the forefront of their requirements was to find a partner that understood their wide-ranging accountancy application suite, as well as the common Microsoft suite. They wanted a partner that would be able to provide the basic day-to-day support as well as the escalated, more complicated challenges.
Another requirement was finding a partner that could give them peace of mind, and manage the whole IT infrastructure, security, licenses, and asset warranties. They needed guidance for cloud solutions, and experience in getting into an agile way of working, that was different from the existing remote desktop dependent environment.  
Part of Grunberg & Co’s challenge was finding a partner that understood their requirements and accountancy applications. They were aware of the solutions available to them but needed a partner that had the experience of the journey, and an understanding of how they could get the full potential out of these tools. They were ready to make an investment in technology as long as they could find a partner to manage costs, performance, and resilience, with minimal impact or downtime.
T-Tech met with the board to discuss their challenges. Grunberg & Co wanted to move to a proactive rather than reactive provider, where engineers had a good knowledge of the business and its many applications. They were looking for a team that understood the accountancy world as a whole, with calendar knowledge of crucial periods in the industry.
It was time for Grunberg & Co to get better support, to fulfil their requirements as a growing accountancy firm.


T-Tech's service take-on approach is a unique process designed to enable a seamless transition for accountancy firms, with minimal impact to the end users. Understanding the applications in use, how they are built and run, is already 90% of the challenge. Whilst the Service Desk handle day-to-day user tickets, the operations and platforms team analyse and build the technical strategy, to improve existing systems and plan the design of the firm’s infrastructure. Together with the Grunberg & Co IT Steering committee, T-Tech created the budgets and timelines for this journey.
The solution was to prioritise service and relationship, taking responsibility for resolving all IT issues. T-Tech offered a new service delivery model, supported by our responsive and knowledgeable team. We wanted to understand Grunberg & Co’s business strategy and objectives to ensure that technology would support it appropriately.
As a specialist accountancy practice, Grunberg & Co’s priority was to be able to focus on delivering a value-adding service to their clients, without having to worry about IT. T-Tech was there to alleviate their IT stresses and allow for business continuity.
The resolution plan was T-Tech’s support services and IT support organisation, followed by implementing other systems like Microsoft 365 and internet connections.
A big selling point for the partnership was that T-Tech already understood the language of third-party applications. Moving from different suppliers is always a challenge in IT. Accountancy applications have their own language – so having a provider that already speaks this language and has relationships with 3rd party vendors bridges the gap and makes the transition a lot smoother. When an end user calls up about CaseWare for example, or any accountancy application, T-Tech engineers understand what the application setup is, who the application impacts, and what the application delivers to the business; it is what we do.
T-Tech provided a budget and schedule to address their cost challenges, and to eliminate any surprises so that they knew what costs were coming and where. Alongside this, we set up a budget for hardware, and a warranty schedule in order that Grunberg & Co would always be in control of what was upcoming.


Grunberg & Co were enthusiastic about challenging the status quo and engaging with T-Tech.
They took a smooth and low-risk transition to:
  • Full T-Tech IT Support
  • Microsoft 365
  • Infrastructure and network
  • Security Solutions
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
Service transition to T-Tech IT support was very smooth. Considering the service-take on process was during the early months of Covid-19, the transition was successful. We never had a conversation with them about not understanding their infrastructure.
There were minimal challenges with additional costs, as our costs incorporated software updates. Again, no surprises for the firm and it made the relationship easy and transparent from the start. With a process in place, software updates can be scheduled and carried out in a convenient time or out of hours.
Grunberg & Co are very happy with the IT support and service desk interactions they have today. They receive monthly onsite visits by a T-Tech engineer to assist with any daily issues.
There is an ongoing commitment by both sides to building a strong relationship.


As it stands, T-Tech continues to have a thriving relationship with Grunberg & Co.
We conduct:
  • Quarterly business reviews with their senior team,
  • Have regular strategic meetings to make sure they are on track for future proof,
  • Carry out a monthly service check-in with partners,
  • As well as have casual check-ins on a weekly basis with partners and users.

Managing Partner, Grunberg & Co

“Communication is great. When a DR event occurred, the confidence from senior-level engineers and team leaders to resolve the issue was very reassuring. The reaction from T-Tech was great and they had all hands on deck.”

Tax Partner, Grunberg & Co

“We don’t hear any noise from our staff about support tickets not being addressed. The Service Desk engineers are attentive and solve any urgent issues we have in a timely manner.”

Senior Partner, Grunberg & Co

“I really don’t have many issues, and when I do need help, the team are really responsive. You guys are brilliant.”

Senior Account Manager, T-Tech

“We are excited about the future of our relationship with Grunberg & Co. Their enthusiasm toward growing with technology makes our partnership strong and aligned.”

IT Manager, Software Radio Technology

"T-Tech understand our business requirements and provide us with consultancy and strategy input that contribute to customer retention and business growth. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through projects ensuring that technology is aligned to business objectives."

Senior Partner, Solomon Taylor & Shaw

"Like many companies we were unsure about a move to the cloud. But all we have noticed since the move is how much more efficient the business is. There was no disruption during our working hours and we have increased our billable working time due to the decrease in technology downtime."

Senior Partner, Solomon Taylor & Shaw

"Like many companies we were unsure about a move to the cloud. But all we have noticed since the move is how much more efficient the business is. There was no disruption during our working hours and we have increased our billable working time due to the decrease in technology downtime."

Managing Partner, BKL

"We are impressed by the professionalism of T-Tech. They are able to understand our business requirements and provide solutions which contribute to keeping the company efficient and competitive. Their knowledgeable staff guide us through complex projects and all the skills are available to make any system or process transition smooth."

Partner, Raffingers

“We were apprehensive to embark on such a large project to move all our servers to Azure, but we had no issues due to the extensive planning and great support we had from the T-Tech team. We now have the benefit of truly being able to work from any device with no risk to our servers as they are not on site. Our security has now improved, and the systems are a lot more stable which is needed with over 100 users working from all over the world.”

Managing Partner, Family Law Group

“Before T-Tech, we were having issues with IT on a daily basis. In a quick time period, T-Tech turned things around. Within a matter of months, the firm’s IT changed from being a source of daily complaint and frustration to no longer being the first item for discussion at the monthly management meetings. The improvement to the firm’s day to day IT functioning has not only been remarkable, but in fact has enabled the firm to adapt to change at a far quicker pace than had previously been the case.”

Director of Tax Technology, Evelyn Partners

The responsiveness of T-Tech has been paramount to us getting particular components added to Practice Gateway at our firm. What we have needed most in development terms is always listened to.

Managing Partner, Scrutton Bland

“Scrutton Bland has achieved a lot in the last 6 months, compared to the last three years. We chose T-Tech to do a practice review with the intention to deliver on a number of projects, due to their industry expertise and where they sit in the marketplace. Our previous IT team did not have relevant sector experience leading to the consideration of solutions that weren’t relevant to our sector. We needed to look to restore faith in our IT leadership. T-Tech came to us with recommendations and improvements on trusted solutions that have worked for other professional services firms. We are really pleased with the decision to work with T-Tech, and they have already delivered on major projects in a way that suits our practice.”

Partner, Alliotts LLP

“Unless your job in the firm is IT then you cannot physically do it. It is so complicated, so fast moving, and quick changing that you can’t keep up. You then have no choice but to use a Managed Service Provider. An MSP needs to be people you respect, who you get on with, as it is a personal relationship. It needs to be with people who understand your business and your business needs – we have this with T-Tech.”

Director of Support Services, Bletchley Park

"Our interaction with T-Tech goes further than IT support – their consultancy led approach has delivered us gains across the business and revenue to the bottom line. We have a clear 3 year IT plan and strategy, which helps us deliver significant business benefits on a regular basis. T-Tech have helped us improve our IT resilience and helped identify ways for our team to work more efficiently."

IT Manager, Searchlight

“T-Tech have provided a fantastic service and are very efficient.”

IT Partner, Saffery Champness

“We’ve achieved exactly what we wanted to, which was to allow T-Tech to run the IT Service Desk service so that we can focus on the business. It has given us a lot of time back and allowed the staff who moved to T-Tech to have a new lease of life in their careers. A lot of our challenges around recruitment and retention have also gone! It’s good to know we’re in safe hands.”

Team Leader, CCM

"More of our colleagues’ time will be freed up to focus on other critical business needs such as data cleansing and addressing anomalies and exceptions"