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We at T-Tech have a mission to work with the best accountancy firms in the UK. As part of this we have developed deep industry knowledge, insight, and specific industry solutions. We have a proven track record of delivering in to this market since 2010.

All of our team members have an understanding of the accountancy market, and the unique requirements this brings.

Our solutions for the accountancy space include

The accountancy market is on the verge of very significant changes, with ramped up regulation and technological disruption, so customers and staff are becoming more demanding. 

We work closely with partners to help them drive their practices forward through the use of technology, and how they can transform their business to run as efficiently as possible. 

A few common projects include:

  • Automating LOE creation and digitising the onboarding process
  • Automating common accounting tasks: Insolvency, tax, payroll, audits, banking etc
  • Making practice management software behave and deliver the value and insights it should
  • Moving to best of breed systems and cloud technologies
  • Reviewing internal and external collaboration, to provide advice and guidance – with an action plan