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The workplace is changing

Our work habits have changed forever. Collaborative working via Teams and other video conferencing tools online is normal and more acceptable now, than face to face meetings. 

Flexible and collaborative working is no longer a requirement; it's the standard. So how can we make it great? How can we make it so that if half of your team are in the office, whilst half of your team are at home, meetings run smoothly and seamlessly?  

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Business calling, reinvented

It used to be the case, that making business calls meant you were tied to your desk phone and paying for on-premise calling and maintenance. Dealing with multiple different vendors, and juggling multiple applications for communication to clients is a thing of the past.

The availability of amazing tech now, and our change in behaviour, has resulted in a reinvention of our business calls:

  • Call from any device and location
  • Unified communication from one app
  • Cloud-based phone system saving money
  • Single provider simplicity 

Many businesses have struggled with telephony through the COVID age, and we can now say that this struggle is well and truly over.

The device landscape for every work style

The next thing you might be wondering is what the device landscape looks like. What's your current device landscape? Do workers use different devices? We know that variety and quality is critical to the success of teams. 

Microsoft has a great and growing list of partners that are expanding our portfolio of Teams-Certified Devices.  

We want you to have the power of Business Voice and Teams at your fingertips, so you can have native experiences that are optimized for the spaces you are working in. And only with the Certified for Microsoft Teams devices, which are tested in independent labs to meet our high bar for video and audio quality, you can be sure you are getting devices with the best integration, supported by Microsoft and our certified partners. ​And of course all are wrapped in enterprise-grade security, and easy setup and management.

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Tap into the power of intelligent productivity 

It's a no brainer; cloud telephony is a great fit for businesses that want to really empower their employees to be as efficient and productive, wherever they are. These 4 key elements should push you forward: 

  1. Mobility. 72% of employees will be remote in some capacity by 2020. This means having access to their business phone on the run is crucial.
  2. Streamlining communication tools. Today, there’s an app for everything. But cloud solutions allow you to bring it into one space to manage and learn to master.
  3. Reducing costs. Traditional PBX systems require upkeep and maintenance, which can have a huge impact on cash flow when it unexpectedly happens. This system allows for the provider to carry that burden, meaning that you no longer have to plan budget or space for PBX infrastructure. 
  4. Simpler management. IT should be saved for the tasks that have the greatest impact on the business. Cloud telephony solutions, like Microsoft’s, allow your IT manager to only worry about managing and paying one provider for the business phone system, and productivity versus dealing with multiple vendors.

Stay connected with Teams

Using the technology available to us, Microsoft Teams has made it easy for our staff to work from home or on the move, as well as joining and hosting video meetings and conference calls, just as we would in the office. Teams is supporting us to remain connected and productive, and its extensive features are constantly being updated to match our requirements:

  • Video and voice conference calling from your desktop or mobile
  • Screen sharing, live captions and recording of meetings for follow-ups
  • Blur or background effects 
  • Participant settings such as spotlighting or raised hands
  • Document sharing during meetings and on channels
  • Instant chat for communicating amongst teams and departments
  • Tags to reach the right people faster

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