Connect, Communicate, Share

Turn to Teams

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues, most of us will find ourselves remote working, and adjusting to meetings, chatting, and collaborating with our colleagues exclusively online. 

In order for us to get comfortable with this new reality, we want to share with you some of the tools and tricks we are using to adapt and communicate within the business.  

We understand these are trying times, but we hope to give you some guidance on how to make your home working set-up as normal as possible. 

Staying connected

Since we started using Teams at T-Tech, it has slowly become integrated into every element of our working day. Now, more than ever, it is the saving grace to our remote working set-up. 

This guide will cover:

  • Setting up your workspace, both physical and virtual
  • Staying connected to your peers
  • Managing your time and personal well-being
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The best bits 

Using the technology available to us, Microsoft Teams has made it easy for our staff to work from home or on the move, as well as joining and hosting video meetings and conference calls, just as we would in the office. Teams is supporting us to remain connected and productive, and its extensive features actually make it a much better alternative to travelling:

  • Video and voice conference calling from your desktop or mobile
  • Screen sharing with or without video
  • Live captions for those who aren’t native English speakers
  • Recording of meetings for follow-ups
  • Blur your background to keep the focus
  • Turn on background effects 
  • Change participant settings during meetings
  • Document sharing during meetings and on channels
  • Instant chat for communicating amongst teams and departments
  • Create and use tags to reach the right people faster
  • Raise a hand in a meeting when you have something to say

See into the future

There is no better time to adopt the remote working life, and get Teams. As conference and video calling, and instant chat become our new norm, having quick and easy tools to use is imperative. 

Now that your people are learning about the ease of taking their laptop home and having everything at their fingertips, we are surging into what the future of work will look like. 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and how long we will be remote working, one thing is for sure: collaboration, communication, and connectivity has never been more important.