Simplify your data

Identifying the reporting problem

Many businesses rely on native reporting systems to track their day to day progress. The problem with these reporting systems, is that they are often static in content, meaning a lot of manual labour is required to update, change, or refine them.

Data is constantly changing, and reporting on this data needs to be instant, robust, and aligned to all systems within a business. Essentially, you want to be able to identify problems, and find opportunities within your business and your industry market.

Having a business intelligence solution will give you a 360 overview of your businesses’ data insights within seconds. By being able to visualize this, it will allow you to make data backed decisions and actions that you wouldn’t have necessarily actioned before.

A solution like Microsoft’s Power BI simplifies data evaluation and sharing, with scalable dashboards, interactive reports, embedded visuals, and more.

A simple solution

Power BI is a collection of software services, and apps, that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

This can vary from an excel spreadsheet, to your MailChimp data – Power BI lets you connect these sources; discover and visualize what’s important; and then share that with anyone you want. 

It is a cloud based software, so everything can be shared via the cloud, and is built to be compatible with browsers across any platform.

As with all of the features across Office 365, Power BI also has the industrial strength security wrapped around it.

It’s a huge business intelligence platform, designed to let your business create, share and consume business insights in the way that best serves you.

So you can say goodbye to the specialist IT report writer who creates individual, time-consuming reports; and say hello to this high performing and rapid application, that will automate your reports for you.

Positive outcomes

T-Tech have implemented the use of Power BI across some of our clients, and we can only encourage more to do so.

These real life examples have revealed only positive results on how Power BI has helped them to report on their data. And this all ties in to our long-term plan of aiding our clients' to become entirely collaborative and efficient.

Business benefits

  • Simple and fast
  • Quick insights
  • One place for discovery and monitoring
  • Easily digestible reports
  • Customisable to you
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Constantly being improved and developed by MS
  • Real time analytics
  • Rapid performance
  • Less manual effort
  • Integrated into daily work life

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