Evolve and embrace automation opportunities

Lifting administrative burdens with intelligent automation

As with any business, your people are at the focal point, but with challenges such as slowing revenue growth, increased competition, and higher customer expectations you need to find a way to make your expert staff go further — without increasing costs. 
We've found a solution that will enable your business to evolve with the times, and take the pressure off your people. Augmenting human labour with virtual workers, through introducing Intelligent Automation (IA), will improve efficiency, maximise your team's time, and lift administrative burdens. This will allow your people to focus on delivering the real work, while intelligent automation tools and technology does the mundane, repetitive tasks. 
Help your business undergo an exciting digital transformation, and reap the benefits: increased efficiency, productivity and flexibility.
This leading Intelligent Automation solution, Practice Gateway, operates on a single platform, under one license and support agreement — hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Practice Gateway

The digital front door

Among the many automation opportunities within a practice, one of the largest is standardisation of information sharing for data entry from customers.
Having a single location for every form of communication between your practice and your customers improves the customer experience and is the launchpad for the standardisation necessary to adopt intelligent automation on a significant scale.
This is available out of the box: Practice Gateway.
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Automation Benefits:

  • Simplicity - easy to deploy and no complex infrastructure considerations
  • Flexibility - easily add new capabilities and address new use cases as required
  • Capability - includes unlimited users and unlimited use of web forms, OCR, ChatBots, NLP and AI services
  • Productivity - maximise the value and return of your investment
  • Velocity - Virtual Workforce Platform can be provided in under 24 hours
  • Global Delivery - available worldwide with highly flexible cloud delivery and ISO27001 certified security

Process Examples

Client Onboarding

Virtual Workers can process the end-to-end on-boarding of new clients, verifying identification documents and processing data into CRM systems.

Smart Document Analysis

Thorough document analysis can be undertaken in order to decipher the actions required. Advanced platform capabilities such as NLP, OCR and AI support this use case.

Data Management

Virtual Workers can collate data from many various sources to improve analysis on business processes. Flexible and transparent decisions, to make sure you stay compliant.

Time & Expense Management

Managing time and expense within professional services organisations is key, however it can be costly and time consuming. Virtual Workers can effectively reconcile and automate the process, giving time back to staff.

Invoicing & Spend Reporting

Complete invoicing processes with Virtual Workers and compile them into the relevant spend reports. Building a bespoke system for clear visibility and understanding of spend to date.

Streamline Admin Tasks

Admin tasks are a routine and necessary part of any role, however they are tedious and often time consuming. Intelligent Automation can manage admin from end-to-end freeing staff for other tasks.

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