Secure your business


If an incident occurs, effective video search tools enable users to easily find relevant video clips and export evidence. Modern CCTV systems are compact and discreet and can be installed in any location to enhance the security of your home or business.

CCTV Systems have easy-to-use interfaces for daily operations. It’s easy to adapt for different tasks, user requirements and specific working environments. It provides a wide array of features such as view live and recorded video and help gain situation awareness, respond to alarms, investigate incidents and handle evidence.

Installation and Monitoring

We offer and install a wide range of CCTV security camera products to suit many customer’s needs and budgets.

From small internal systems to multisite external systems, we have experience installing and monitoring all kinds of CCTV security cameras.

Door Access Systems

Providing Door Access Systems that set the standard for simplicity and ease of use in access control, they are simple to operate, and have a wide range of powerful features.

They are also excellent value for money and the ease of installation, set up and training results in very competitively priced installation.

The systems are suitable for single or multi-door sites.

2 types of systems:

Paxton Net2

Paxton Net2 is a revolutionary new PC based access control system. It has innovative features that reduce running costs and protect the investment made in the system. Net2 provides flexible control of access for individuals and groups of people by time and place with recording of all events for later reporting. The thoughtfully designed, intuitive user interface allows the main system features to be used with little training.

Grandstream GDS3710

Grandstream GDS3710 is an IP Video Door System that can also serve as a high-definition IP surveillance camera and intercom to offer facility access control and security monitoring for buildings of all size. The GDS3710 offers a 180-degree video viewing angle for wall to wall coverage that allows it to track, manage and record access to any physical building. It offers powerful integration with other Grandstream solutions in order to offer a complete solution for access-control, video intercom and security monitoring.