Working toward unified communications

Collaboration made easy

Partnering with Microsoft, we have developed a solution through Teams to make unifying all your Office 365 applications easier.

This solution allows for all the different elements of your business to operate in just one place, with an integrated phone system included.

If you are already using Office 365, this will be an easy transition for you. Teams is a full application, which integrates with all your other applications (Skype for Business, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and the rest) and can be used on your laptop or mobile. It doesn’t require any new equipment or hardware and operates fully in the Cloud, giving you ultimate flexibility. As Microsoft decommissions Skype for Business in O365, Teams offers your business so much more.

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Unified communications

Teams - your central point for collaboration - will have the call functionality. So you can say goodbye to your traditional phone systems and desk phones, and any other Webex applications used for conference calling, as we bring you a full telephony solution within Teams.

Operating from your PC or mobile, you will be able to host and direct all your calls from Teams, without the inconvenience of entering pin numbers or sending a link via email. You will have a button in your Outlook that will speed up the process for you, making the whole experience hassle free.

T-Tech launch Unified Comms solution

Why should you make the move?

Microsoft Teams is so much more than another application on Office 365. It is giving us the opportunity to up our collaboration game, and embrace modern working tools. There are so many amazing features on Office 365 that help us do this, but this specific solution is entering us into a new age.

With an integrated phone system, gone are your worries of buying desk phones and hardware for new joiners. The pains of entering different pin codes on a conference call with people dialling in at different locations can all be relieved. 

The direct routing of calls through Teams means you will ever only have to deal with one system. Think about how much money you are spending monthly on hardware costs, Webex memberships, and chat based tools like Slack or Skype. Add these all up and it's probably triple the price of one license with Microsoft Teams. 

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With this solution now live, we would love to show you more of the amazing features, and give testimony to how well it works. We know because we use this at T-Tech, and it has changed the way we work for the better. 

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