Visualise the change

Efficient processes

Following the requirements gathering and to better understand your business’s current ‘as is’ system, we will map out the full end-to-end process, making it as easy as possible for you visualise.

The value this adds, is that often departments or individuals can’t agree on a single, correct process. To resolve this, documenting the process will help the department or individual come to a single, preferred way of working.

We do this using process maps which includes information such as tasks, processes, and decisions carried out by specific individuals, departments, third parties, and systems.

This allows for us gather recommendations for improvement, before presenting them to management to make change decisions. Documenting the challenges your business currently faces will also help us form the basis of our solution.

Process documentation is going to a client and mapping their current business processes to understand their as is state and to formalise and document it.

The value in this is that often departments or individuals are not agreed on a single correct process so through documenting the different processes, we can help a client come to a single preferred way of working. We can support in communicating and implementing this.

With process redesign, we look at what the business wants to achieve and, then making recommendations based on this. For example, if a system isn’t working for a business it might be that the process used isn’t the most efficient.

So by reviewing these processes we  can refine and reprove how it operates, to make it more efficient.