Join T-Tech in being cyber secure

As we are sure everyone is fully aware, in May 2017, a large-scale offensive ransomware software was launched around the world. Ransomware arrives in the form of a link or a form of attachment. Opening the attachment starts the process of encrypting files and spreading the malware on the corporate network. The ability to spread and infect computers and servers in a local network is fast and difficult to stop, so the number of people infected is unusually large.

Although there is no way of preventing such an attack – hackers will be hackers – there are effective measures you can implement to stop the attack from being completely harmful to your network.

T-Tech’s top 5 tips

1. Understand what measures your business has and then you can use standards to control and manage risks

2. Ensure your staff are trained and informed about the dangers by providing security training

3. Then you can introduce technical controls to prevent problems. At T-Tech, our automated software patching releases patches to identify and block the malware, in order to prevent any issues. In order to strengthen the defense mechanisms, your attention is also required:

  • DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS from unknown or suspected sources
  • DO NOT PRESS ON LINKS from unknown or suspected sources.

4. Get tested by a certified company before someone else discovers them and remain compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

5. Putting in measures is an ongoing process, let your system be a constant cycle of improvement

If you are interested in securing measures to prevent your system from becoming infected, or have any questions about introducing a security strategy for your business, please contact us on sales@ttech.uk.com or call us on 0207 472 5444.