We can help you make the right decision

Do you have a business requirement for a new piece of software or application – perhaps a new CRM or Document Management system?

Half the battle is finding the right partner to go on this journey with; who you choose is crucial to the success of the project, and ensuring you get a product that best fits the requirements of your business today and into the future, is a vital first step.

T-Tech works with customers to ensure they have mapped out the requirements, considered the risks, and then works through the process to seek out the right partner from start to finish. This can be from the point of appointing a partner, right through to go live and beyond.

A project of this magnitude doesn’t often have a clear internal resource to manage it, it may sit under a certain team, but everyone has their day job to do and not having a focused energy on the end goal can often mean momentum gets lost and the project becomes a drain on internal resource.

A different point of view can often be more helpful; someone that sits outside of the day to day, that recognises issues and risks which may be missed from an overarching business or IT view, and this is where we come in.

Our technical consultancy team will conduct a set of workshops to understand requirements from across the effected departments, probing questions to ensure all considerations are uncovered, and then pushing for decisions on priorities. This work will begin to pull together the requirements needed to create an RFP (Request for Proposal).

The consultant will continue to develop the RFP, coming to an agreement with the customer surrounding their preferences. From this point T-Tech will seek out a variety of companies or solution providers, and manage the whole selection process, down to delivering recommendations and selecting a vendor.