Know your network

Businesses nowadays are relying more heavily on complex computer systems and technologies, the internet, and mobile computing. Given this, businesses’ are realising the necessity of having a centralised place for their IT infrastructure to be monitored and managed.

With critical applications running on networked servers and virtual environments, system downtime can be extremely costly. Our comprehensive monitoring and preventative management services hope to proactively avoid this risk and make sure the daily running of your systems has no effect on your end users. 

We have a variety of offerings:

Premium Monitoring:

In partnership with LogicMonitor, we provide a highly tuned and sophisticated monitoring system, with well-developed mobile access. It integrates directly into our internal ticketing system allowing immediate response. Additionally, LogicMonitor integrates with all the key cloud providers; including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

It has the unique capability of understanding the live behaviour of the network, and significantly reduces time on investigations and problem identification.

Monitoring and Management:

For every managed service client we have, every device is monitored and managed by AEM. This ensures that all devices are patched and kept up to date on a regular basis, and where critical patches are required these can be rolled out in a number of minutes (like crypto locker). The monitoring in AEM will also alert us when devices go offline, as this is directly integrated into our Service Desk to provide an immediate response.

AEM provides lots of useful reports to allow IT managers to understand the state of the network, for example the number of devices, Microsoft audit report, health of machines and services, and more.