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iManage(ing) your future

We know how important it is to have a paramount document and email management system in the workplace, because in truth, we wouldn’t expect anything less for ourselves.

iManage allows you to access your work from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience, whilst also making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues, in a secure and constructive way.

Often, a lot of businesses struggle to maintain an infrastructure that delivers the performance required for all users to be happy – particularly the IDOL part of iManage – IDOL being the search engine within the system. Lots of people have issues with it as it is very system intensive, and can often fall over. When people call iManage for support, they sometimes find that their infrastructure isn’t fast enough for what iManage needs, so they can’t get help.

Constantly keeping infrastructure up to speed with iManage updates is a strain on many businesses, when they would rather spend time on making their system better, not just making sure it is run correctly. We have discovered that with Azure, this isn’t an issue.


A lot of our current customers run iManage 10 and Azure, and we helped them to deliver this transition as smoothly as possible, with little complications. Our expert Technical Consultancy team have the knowledge of what works best and with which implementation partners, to minimize any possible issues.

Implementing something like iManage isn’t just a technical project, there a big business decisions that need to be made before the technical stuff even starts. Our Business Consultancy touch will help with business requirements gathering, iManage gap analysis, project management, and change management and facilitation.

Plus, our GDPR and security services give you the right tools to stay on top of the latest regulations, and ensures all your data is fully protected.